"Iced half-caf ristretto quad grande two pump rasberry two percent no whip light ice with caramel drizzle three-and-a-half-pump white mocha."    -Dr. Rudy Sanchez's usual Starbucks order 

Dr. Rudolfo Ernesto Sanchez y Martinez 'Rudy' is a Baltimore police psychiatrist, and friend to Joe Ledger. Do to the strenuous nature of the DMS and their missions, he is brought into the organization to talk to the agents and make sure they are stable and don't snap under the weight of what they are doing and must do.

Appearance and Character Edit

Rudy is a religious man and a very good shrink. He listens with every molecule of his body and has insight. He gets a good read on all of the people he talks to, and is always looking to help where he can.

History Edit

Rudy completed his residency at Mount Sinai, and was the shrink for Joe Ledger and his girlfriend Helen after their traumatic attack as teenagers. He has helped Joe through his mental break, coming to grips in identifying his other personalities, and working out his problems. When Helen committed suicide he took it very hard.

Recent Events Edit

Patient Zero

After Joe's first experience with zombies, he contacts Rudy to talk and get his head straight. Rudy believes everything Joe is telling him, and does some research to get his head around things too. Because of this security breach Church uses him to coerce Joe into joining. And after learning about the events at St. Michael's himself, he finds a great need at the DMS and enlists along with Joe. He has sessions between missions with Echo Team and even Church himself, seeing that the big man must be feeling the weight of what has been happening even though he shows nothing.
Rudy goes undercover as Secret Service with Joe and Grace in the Liberty Bell ceremony when the zombie pathogen is unleashed in the crowded room. He makes it out alive while protecting a crowd of girl scouts with a flag pole against Ahmed, the brother-in-law of El Mujahid under the effects of generation 12 of the pathogen, stabbing him through the eye.

The Dragon Factory