Mr. Church is the enigmatic leader of the DMS. He is the top man in charge of the organization with friends in every industry to supply his people with all the gadgets they need to get the job done.

Appearance and Character Edit

Church is a big, very well dressed man. Maybe in his 60's, but no hint of middle aged softness in him. He has short hair, big hands, and an expressionless face always behind tinted glasses. He is a cold man, willing to do whatever is necessary to reach his goals of keeping people safe. A self-admitted 'monster'. And has a cookie fetish, always eating Nilla Wafers.

History Edit

Very little is known about Churches history, even Grace Courtland only can assume where Church has come from. He has gone by many aliases over the years: the Deacon, St. Germaine, many others. He created the program MindReader which the DMS uses to gather any and all information they want without leaving a trace of impregnation. Grace Courtland assumes the influence Church shows over the many of the people in congress and the President himself is because he has dirt on all of them through his use of MindReader, knows their secrets and where the bodies are buried. He has admitted that was so, also because he helped bury many of them.

Recent Events Edit

Patient Zero

After the horrific outcome at St. Michaels, Church needs a new weapon, a new team leader. He sees that in Joe Ledger, brings him in, and makes him leader of Echo Team. Using his program MindReader, he locates the terrorist cells and sends in Echo Team to put them down. He has a direct line to the President to keep him informed of their situation, and talks to his many "friends in the industry" to bring in the latest and best equipment, armor, toys and gadgets for his people; all bleeding tip of cutting edge. His interogates a prisoner that leaves Joe in shock, being honestly helpful as well as very scarey, and gets the information they need to stop the threat.
After the threat is taken care of, he returns to their base, the Hanger, at Floyd Bennett Field, leaves Grace and Joe to run the Warehouse. 

The Dragon Factory