Captain Joesph Edwin Ledger 'Joe' is the main protagonist in the series. The former Baltimore Police Detective is the newest member of an ultra-secret counter-terrorism organization. He is the leader of a team that is the first line of defense against the most extreme, unthinkable, threats against humanity.

Appearance and CharacterEdit

Joe Ledger has bright blue eyes and sandy brown hair. He is a caring person and quick to help anyone in need, but also a world class smart-ass with a quick wit. He knows a little bit of a lot of languages, including Arabic and Farsi. He is an expert in hand to hand combat, and attacks without hesitation or pause. He is psychologically disturbed, having different personalities because of a specific traumatic event as a teenager, but is able to control them most of the time and even use them to his advantage. 


As a young teen, Joe and his girlfriend Helen were attacked by older teens. He was nearly beaten to death and forced to watch as they took turns raping his girlfriend. The traumatizing event broke him psychologically, more so when Helen committed suicide, splitting his personality into three different facets he has come to identify over the years through therapy as the Cop, the Warrior, and the Modern Man.

He has channeled his rage through studying martial arts, joined the army and left with an honorary discharge, and then eventually becoming a policeman with the Baltimore Police Department, closing a higher than average number of cases and receiving early promotions. He has a glowing respect from his peers and supervisors. His lack of hesitation in dire situations is the reason Mr. Church sees leadership potential in him with the DMS. He was soon to start with the FBI as a special agent when approached by Church to come to the DMS.

Joes mother died of cervical cancer, and his father is the Baltimore Police commissioner, stepping down to make a run for mayor. He also has younger brother who is a Homicide Detective in the BPD. He owns a cat named Cobbler.

Recent EventsEdit

Patient Zero

Joe is a successful police detective on his way to becoming an FBI agent when his world changes as he learns of a potential zombie outbreak that would devastate humanity. He joins a secret counter-terrorism organization called the DMS. With his expertise and skills he leads his team into multiple horrific scenes of zombie outbreaks. 
Joe gets in a relationship with Major Grace Courtland in the DMS, together they have been through so much life changing terror. He also ropes in his friends Rudy Sanchez and Jerry Spencer to coming on board too. Trying to fit into this new world, figuring out who of his new friends he can trust, he fights to save everyone. After bringing down the terrorist, with many close calls and humanity safe, he stays on with the DMS.

The Dragon Factory