El Mujahid, whose name means 'Fighter in the way of Allah", is the main antagonist in this story. He is a renowned terrorist and wants to bring down the western world. He has ties to Al Qaeda and a dozen other extremist groups. His wife is Amirah, the creator of Seif al Din.

Appearance and Character Edit

El Mujahid has tan skin and pale brown, almost golden, eyes. He is a Yemen national. He is muscular, but not a big man, although he carries a big presence that can command those bigger and stronger than he. The Fighter is single minded, relentless, and smart, but not particularly wise. He is devoted to the Koran, and quotes scripture is his speeches.

History Edit

El Mujahid has a farmers upbringing. Farm life made him strong, devotion to the Koran gave him focus, and his love for Amirah gave him purpose, and has probably drove him mad. He and his wife Amirah have sought out militarist fundamentalist to join their cause, and are responsible for many attacks around the globe.

El Mujahid is high on many most wanted lists. He is on Homelands must have list, 30 wanted lists in 40 nations, and top 10 in the US.

Recent Events Edit

Patient Zero

The Fighter and Amirah recruit Sebastian Gault into their plans for his money and resorces, tricking him into thinking he was the one who recuitred them for his plans. He tests out the zombie disease on many unsuspecting villages before sneaking it into the US. Sebastian Gault has given The Fighter a lot of plastic surgery and altered his vocal cords to hide his identiy. He has also studied the american language. 
The Fighter has prepared himself, and accepted this suicide mission to unleash his pathogen. To his surprise at the Liberty Bell event, the newest generation of the pathogen flowing in his veins has kept him conscious, immortal, and hungry. He has an intense battle with Joe Ledger when he tries to unleash the disease in America, but is defeated and decapitated.