"I need sonsabitches that can hit hard, hit fast, and hit last." -Joe Ledger talking to new recruits

Echo Team is the DMS first responder's to new threats against humanity. Sent in to asses and deal with any threat. It was first created by Mr. Church and Joe Ledger when he joined. They face down the hardest enemies, strangest creatures, and mind boggling events happening in the world.

Echo Team MembersEdit

Current Team (as of Dragon Factory)

  • Captain Joe Ledger - "Cowboy"
Started creation of Echo Team in Patient Zero when brought into DMS. Actively leading the team. Before being recruited by the DMS, he was a detective for the Baltimore Police Department and an Army Ranger. These professions have helped him control his rage issues following the rape of his ex-girlfriend Helen in high school, who ultimately committed suicide.
  • First Sergeant Bradley 'Top' Sims- "Sgt. Rock"
Active from Patient Zero through Kill Switch. Second-In-Command, former Army Ranger. Lost his son Henry while his daughter Monique lost both legs during the War in Iraq. 
  • Sam Imura- "Ronin"

Team Sniper to replace John Smith after The Assassin's Code

  • Warbride- Lydia Ruiz

Active from Assassins Code through Code Zero. Navy's first covert group of women SEALs.

  • Bunny Rabbit - "Jolly Green Giant"
Active from Patient Zero through Kill Switch. Former Force Recon.

Previous MembersEdit

  • Oliver Brown - "Scarface"
Active in Patient Zero; Part of first Echo Team group, former Second Lieutenant Army Special Forces/ CIA assassin. Team sniper and lockpick artist, killed by El Mujahid.
  • Samual Tyler - "Joker"
Active in Patient Zero; Part of first Echo Team group, former Chief Petty Officer U.S. Navy. Killed by Top Sims when he was revealed to be a traitor.
  • Bob Farraday - "Big Bob"
Active at start of Dragon Factory. First newly recruited member after events of Patient Zero. Former ATF field man. Kicking down a hotel door for a routine pick-up when a sudden gun blaze tore up his leg. Still alive and with DMS.