Dr. William Hu is the chief science offer at the DMS. He breaks down all of the crazy stuff happening to the DMS teams and helps identify their threat.

Appearance and Character Edit

Dr. Hu is seen as a sloppy, thirty something Chinese guy casually wearing a Hawaiian shirt under his lab coat. He is into comic books and pop culture geekiness. He has a brilliant mind and finds all of the science fascinating, and loves seeing anything new. Much to the annoyance and offense of Joe Ledger, who is living all of this in the field seeing people die.

History Edit

Hu has been with Church and the DMS since the beginning.

Recent Events Edit

Patient Zero

Joe is introduced to Dr. Hu when he joins and gets all of the information Hu has on the zombie pathogen. Hu condescending speaks to Joe as a trigger happy ape man, both dislike each other. Hu has deciphered much information about the prion disease as he could through their test subjects, and can relate it to modern cultures of zombies for the teams to fight against.