Harvey 'Bunny' Rabbit is a member of Joe Ledgers' Echo Team. He joined the DMS when Joe Ledger was first building Echo Team. Call sign: "Jolly Green Giant".

Appearance and Character Edit

Bunny is a towering muscle man, all chest and shoulders, tiny waist. He has jumped into action readily whenever Echo Team has been called upon.

History Edit

Bunny is formerly of Force Recon.

Recent Events Edit

Patient Zero

Bunny joined Echo Team as it was first being formed by Joe Ledger. He was immediatly thrown into action to face down the zombie threat, and acted swiftly and with deadly force. Bunny runs in with Joe and Top to help out in room twelve, and fought in the facilities where the zombie cells were hiding out. He is one of the few completely trusted by Joe Ledger as he was searching for the traitor in the DMS.
Bunny accompanied the team at the Liberty Bell event where the pathogen was released. He stayed in the main room to deal with the turning zombies and terrorists as Joe and Top hunted down El Mujahid. He saved many, including the Presidents wife.