First Sergeant Bradley Sims 'Top' is second-in-command of Echo Team. He joined the DMS right after Joe Ledger, and has been by his side in every fight. Call sign: "Sergeant Rock".

Appearance and Character Edit

Top Sims is a classic army top sergeant: buzz cut, a boxers broken nose, and a lantern jaw. He has seen a lot of action, and is in the fight to reduce the number of threats out there. He provides back-up and support for Joe Ledger in every fight, quick to respond and fearless. 

History Edit

Top Sims is a former Sergeant in the US Army Rangers. He had stepped down from active duty to take a training post at Camp Merrill. While there he had lost his son, Henry, in Iraq, and his daughter, Monique, had lost both of her legs in Baghdad. He decided to get back into the action, to tear it up himself.

Recent Events Edit

Patient Zero

Top Sims was recruited into the DMS as Echo Team was first being formed. He was immediatly thrown into the action, along with Ledger and Echo team, to face down the zombie threat. Top has been by Ledgers' side in every fire fight: fearlessly gunning down zombies, filled with rage when he saw what the scientists where doing to children, and helping recruitment for Echo Team. He is one of the few completely trusted by Ledger when he was searching for their traitor. 
Top Sims was with Joe Ledger when they faced down El Mujahid. But was pulled into another fight against Samual Tyler when he was revealed to be the traitor. Top beat him wth multiple stabs in the kidneys with a pen.